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I always love when I hear a song and it tells a story, yet there are enough dynamic words to allow each listener to develop his own story.  Convergence's album, Umbrella Spokes, contains the themes of fate, transformation, universal truth, hope, love, loss, and personal renewal.  Not only is every song a story in and of itself, but the album as a whole displays a personal journey of the alchemical power of changing yourself internally and also re-kindling a relationship that needed restructuring and understanding from both parts to remain healthy.  I was very happy to work with Convergence on 'Run Away' and to be a part of the project.  From the positive and spiritually minded first track 'Constellation', which features a beautifully arranged strings section, to the hum of the organ in 'Alchemy' to my favorite track 'Through the Looking Glass', Umbrella Spokes contains sonic accents throughout that perfectly balance the serene voice of Convergence and the positive message his music relays to live your life to the fullest and cherish your mistakes as makers of your destiny and tools to help transform one's self.


Convergence uses the timeless symbol of water to represent the emotional upheaval that occurs in a failed relationship.  The title Umbrella Spokes suggests the image of a person just taking their guard down after an emotional storm, and stepping out to meet a new day that awaits them.  This album is an album for everyone, the symbolism in the lyrics lush and vivid enough to allow for a deep and personal interpretation, and the melodies and rhythms catchy enough to satisfy the more relaxed listener.


The album contains several earth and water symbols that help to convey how a relationship can either be a grounding force or a tumultuous force that shakes us like a storm, and it also delivers healing potential, capable of returning a person who has experienced loss to a more grounded and appreciative state.  


With great production and musicianship that balances and aids the songwriting talent and emotional presentation from Convergence,Umbrella Spokes is a physical representation of the 'total package' and is a present to the musical world in an era where it seems harder and harder to find artists with deep artistic integrity.  When I finished listening to the entire album, I felt refreshed and hopeful and decided to renew the vows I have made to myself and to others in my life.  It is an album that celebrates and honors the sacredness of promise…..and I PROMISE that you'll be seeing and hearing a lot more from Convergence in the future.


Favorite tracks: Through the Looking Glass' (11), 'Run Away' (3), 'Constellation' (1), 'Surrender' (7) 

Umbrella Spokes is an honest, thoughtful, and heartfelt collection of songs.  I enjoyed participating in its writing, producing, and mixing with Rob.  It holds it own as a contemporary commercial rock album while not fearing to take a twist or a turn into the unexpected every now and then.  'Constellation,' 'Color Blind,' and the title track are among the best productions to have been created at our studio.  Great album!

[A great sounding album] my compliments to the production/engineering team. In addition and more importantly, beautiful songs and great vocals. So nice to hear awesome and HONEST sounding vocals.

Umbrella Spokes is a combination of thoughtful songs, vibrant strings and eloquent harmonies leading you to a complete listening experience. Fantastic production and honest vocals!

The easy comparison is to groups like The Swell Season and The Weepies in both the style of the music and it’s performance by a male/female duo.  Convergence could easily fit on the bill with any of them, and win over their fans.


With a slight breathy delivery, Rob’s vocals are also reminiscent of singers such as Matt Nathanson, and maybe even Brian Vander Ark of the late 90s band The Verve Pipe (ie. the mega-hit “Freshmen”).